When we founded The Torchlight Collective, we wanted to bring together some of the best minds working at the intersection of sexual and reproductive health, human rights and youth movements. Over the past two years, we have benefited from the expertise of many brilliant people, including some of our best partners, and also learned together as a collective. Now, we’re proud to introduce the first products in our #TorchlightLearning Series. This collection brings together insights from across our network, and we’re excited to be leveraging so much expertise in one place.

Our hope is that these publications offer wisdom, fodder for discussion and practical advice to benefit anyone interested in supporting or learning about youth-led advocacy!

Those of you with money to give or grant: you’ll find out how youth leadership models are evolving, and also principles for supporting youth movements.

Those rebel rousers among us: you’ll find tips on improving your advocacy and building leadership skills; and a quick and dirty guide to the pros/cons of joining a youth-led coalition.

This inaugural series includes the following briefs:

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Please read, disseminate and discuss! As always, please reach out with feedback or ideas for future publications.

Thank you for joining the discussion.

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