If a consulting firm and a freelancers union had a baby...

The Torchlight Collective was born out of the realization that not only were so many of us consulting at the same moment in time but also that multiple clients were approaching all of us with the same questions. And that seemed silly... At the very least, we thought it would be efficient for us to join forces. 

The Torchlight Collective allows us to build on our individual strengths as independent consultants and experts in our respective fields, and experiences as activists in a range of global social justice movements. We tailor our approach to each project to magnify our expertise and bounce ideas off each other, giving clients the full benefit of our network.

We work with a group of fantastic, like-minded, and talented people to contribute to a better world. When you hire The Torchlight Collective, you're working with each of us to leverage the knowledge and expertise of all of us.

Three focus areas

We talk to donors.

We talk to youth organizations and civil society organizations. 

We make connections in between.

Overall, we leverage issue-based expertise and support to governments, private sector partners, civil society, research institutions, and foundations to generate knowledge, evidence, and promising practices on working with adolescents and young people.