a poem by Cecilia Garcia Ruiz, originally posted in Chasing Tomorrow by UNESCO


I open my eyes,

I observe.

The damp grass beneath my feet

confirms it.


It’s the time of the butterflies,

a ballet of bright blue wings.

It’s the time of “las mariposas”,

those who danced to eternity,

and planted the seeds

to fight for our equal rights.


There used to be days

when the suffocating air

clouded our eyes

and our minds.


Wasting the planet in a blink of an eye;

blindly devouring our life.


I open my eyes and I realize

those days are behind.


A dazzling peel.

Heavy, tropical scent. A fruit

grown by my hands.

I taste its fresh yellow pulp.


The gurgle of running water,

like a polished mirror

exalts the rejuvenated landscape.


The elixir of a healthy city

with leafy green lungs.

A peaceful home,

where all fears are gone.


I open my eyes and I see her.

Sitting next to me,

her tousled hair in the wind.



She knows she can go

as far as she wants,

even beyond the stars.


A free spirit she is,

no one to hold her back.

It is the legacy of the butterflies,

those who inspired until the last breath of their life.