Daniel is a 26 year old junior doctor who is passionate about the intersections of youth and health policies. He collaborates with a number of civil society organizations and UN agencies to advance policies and programs to better the health of adolescents and young people, especially those from marginalized groups. Daniel currently works as a consultant with UN and government institutions in Colombia on projects related to comprehensive sexuality education and youth and adolescent friendly healthcare services, and with the health of victims of the armed conflict (a big proportion of which are underserved groups). Additionally, Daniel does volunteer work as a member of the Youth Coalition for Sexual and Reproductive Rights and in the newly formed Expert Advisory Group for the Global Accelerated Action for the Health of Adolescents (AA-HA!) Framework being developed by the World Health Organization.

Daniel has around 6 years of experience working with research and activism in public health and youth. He worked his way up from the local the national and international levels with the Colombian Association of Medical Students which he presided. Daniel has led national advocacy campaigns in mental health, HIV and Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights, he has also participated in several research projects, most of which have resulted in scientific journal and book publications.

Daniel is interested in closing the gap between evidence and decision-making in public policy, especially in regards to adolescent and youth health.