Many global health and development institutions -- including governments, multilateral agencies, donors and civil society organizations -- are joining the growing consensus that young people are experts in their own experiences, and must have access to their rights in order to live healthy and fulfilled lives. The Torchlight Collective works with these institutions when they require an additional boost of expertise or capacity as they develop programmatic strategies, advocacy campaigns, research agendas, engagement initiatives, and policy briefs. 

  • We've helped global health organizations, donors, private sector partners, foundations, and UN Agencies determine what questions to ask when designing programs for and with adolescents and young people.
  • We've identified opportunities for coalitions and networks to share information and optimize their work.
  • We've conducted landscape analyses for institutions interested in avoiding duplication and streamlining efforts and funders interested in making good decisions with their portfolios. 
  • We've also helped institutions analyze at the power structures that inhibit full and meaningful engagement and participation, including reviewing how their own organizational structure or funding model may not truly work with and for young people.
  • We've conducted desk reviews and stakeholder interviews to determine cutting edge best practices in the field of AYSRHR.
  • We've conducted media scans and drafted messaging frameworks, to help these institutions enhance how they talk about these issues.
  • We've fine-tuned already well-established and well-respected programs and campaigns for young people, aligning efforts to support young people. 

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