Matt Michels is an international peacebuilding and development professional with over eight years’ experience, specializing in education, child protection, peace and conflict, and youth development. He worked with UNICEF on diverse project, including providing education in emergencies technical support and capacity development, and in past years on child protection capacity development, including co-creating the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health’s Child Protection Certificate Program, as well as partnerships, advocacy, and resource mobilization. He is also a co-founder of PRYDE, a youth peace education nonprofit that partners with communities to engage youth on nonviolent, restorative approaches to conflict. He leads their program development work, including building partnerships with local actors, designing program models, and creating monitoring and evaluation frameworks. Matt has worked internationally with community groups in Kenya and Togo on education, child protection, youth development, and gender. He has a master’s degree in International Educational Development (Policy and Peace) from Columbia University Teachers College and a bachelor’s degree in International Studies (African Peacebuilding and Development) from American University’s School of International Service. Matt combines his passion for service and social justice with innovative pragmatism and forward thinking to achieve results for community partners and client organizations.