Grace Wilents

Grace Wilentz is an advocate, policy expert and human rights activist based in Dublin, Ireland. She has over 10 years experience of advancing sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) on the community, national, European regional, and international levels. Most recently, Grace has been working as an independent consultant for international NGOs and agencies of the United Nations. Her consultancy work to date has focused on publications and high-level meetings relating to international development, gender equality, migration, and mainstreaming human rights across all areas of program and policy development.

Prior to this, she worked as Coordinator of YouAct: European Youth Network on Sexual and Reproductive Rights. In this role she supported youth-led advocacy through raising funds, organizing events and facilitating communication between YouAct’s membership, spread over 28 Council of Europe member states. Having worked as an advocate throughout the ICPD+20 review and Post-2015 processes, Grace has an in-depth knowledge of UN processes and Major Groups. She has also engaged with numerous UN Treaty Monitoring Bodies and the Universal Periodic Review mechanism.

Grace’s strengthens lie in the areas of strategic thinking, facilitation, training development and delivery, and publications. She is a skilled writer, capable of delivering material in a range of styles and formats including reports, submissions, discussion papers, articles, proposals, briefings, critical analyses and press materials. A strong intersectional analysis is central to Grace’s work. This is informed by her continued work with movements and organizations led by diverse migrant women, and dates back to her student days when she worked with low-income clients at the Boston Medical Centre to seek solutions to economic, health and housing issues.

Grace has been published widely, with opinion pieces and commentaries featuring in national and international print and online media, and in notable journals focusing on sexuality. Never straying far from her activist roots, she continues to be active in grassroots SRHR organizing in Ireland, working with national movements including the Abortion Rights Campaign. Grace serves on the boards of Akidwa: Ireland’s National Network for Migrant Women, and the Irish Family Planning Association. She earned her BA from Harvard University in 2007 and is completing her Masters in International Human Rights Law at Oxford University.