Coalitions and networks are the backbone of any social justice movement. The cross-cutting nature of these movements in particular (feminist movements, LGBT movements, indigenous people's movements, labour rights movements, etc.) all rely on coordinated, aligned, and intersectional activism and advocacy to make an impact. The youth movement is no different. 

Coalition management takes investment of time and resources. In particular, international coalitions and working groups function best when they have a dedicated and independent [yet knowledgable] manager to ensure that every voice is heard and that information remains transparent and easily accessible to all members.

The Collective brings decades of coalition-building and management experience to its work. We have worked in support of coalitions such as:

The PACT, The Global Youth Coalition on HIV/AIDS, YouACT, The Youth Coalition for Sexual and Reproductive Rights, Y-PEER, UNFPA's Youth Leadership Working Group, and others. The Torchlight Collective can help to strengthen and expand coalitions by offering capacity support, expertise, and an independent management perspective.