For over 20 years, Reshma has been deeply involved in social justice efforts and youth movements, including work in girls and women’s rights, sexual and reproductive health and rights, global youth leadership, and the fight against HIV and AIDS. From her early work promoting girls’ rights in rural Minnesota, to leading a global network of young human rights activists, she understands the incredible effect that informed and engaged young people can have on building a more just and inclusive world.

Before starting the Torchlight Collective, Reshma spent 3 years, as the Director of Operations for the Resilience Advocacy Project, a New York City based youth advocacy organization, where she was responsible for strategic development and implementation of the organization’s operations, financial management communications, and infrastructure. In addition to overseeing the overall health of the organization, Reshma executed programs, organized fundraisers, and oversaw the organization’s website and outward communication.  

Prior to working at the Resilience Advocacy Project, Reshma worked as an expert consultant at Planned Parenthood Federation of America’s Global division, as they set up a new youth leaders program and revamped the monitoring and evaluation process for their global grantees. Reshma also served as the Program Director of the Global Youth Coalition on HIV/AIDS (GYCA), and was instrumental in building out the infrastructure and operations at the HIV Young Leaders Fund.

At the Torchlight Collective, Reshma brings a unique blend of subject matter expertise, unbridled passion, and financial and operational wizardry.